Welcome To the Sun Valley for Renewable Energy!

The city of Eilat and the Hevel Eilot Regional Council are located at the southern-most tip of the State of Israel. A vast region made up of sprawling desert landscapes, the area contains just 0.85% of the country's population.

The local population realized the need to harness the area's natural resources, its abundance of sunlight and open spaces. Together with an emerging etrepreneurial spirit among the residents, the dream of developing the area into an international sustainability hub for the production of renewable energy technologies and innovation was born. The Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative is the implementation of this dream.

We invite you to share in our vision of making the region energy independent and free of fossil fuel and carbon emissions by 2020. The transformation of the Southern Arava into an international knowledge, research and development center will lead it to the forefront of breakthrough technologies in renewable energy. 

The Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative is proud to spearhead the green revolution in Israel through the creation of a Sun Valley in the southern Arava.

To find out how you can get involved please contact us today!