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Conference Presentations

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Click on the links below to view the range of thought provoking and cutting edge presentations by the world’s leading experts in the field of renewable energy.

International Conference 2014:

Terra Venture Partners

Tel Aviv, non stop city – Engaging citizens

Chen Shalita – Solar Decathlon 2013, Team Israel

Rafi Rich – Smarter Urban IT & Strategies: Tailor made solutions for smarter cities

Brian O’Hanlon (OPIC) – Catalyzing Energy Investment In Developing Countries

The Smart Grid – Charging EVS

Peter Littlewood – Energy Technologies at Scale: Nanoscience by the ton

Israeli Cleantech: Stepping up to the plate – Dr. Gilead Fortuna, Shiri Freund Koren, Idan Liebes (Samuel Neamen Institute, Center for Excellence)

Eytan Levy – Emefcy: Energy Efficient, Simple, Modular, Scalable Wastewater Treatment Systems

Benjamin Kafri (Bloomberg) – Global Trends in Clean Energy Investment

Daniela Giacobbo – Prospects and Challenges For The Deployment Of Smart Grid In Brazil

João Flavio Frossard – Prana Energy

Keren Fox – The Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy PBC

Green Knesset

Brenmiller Energy

Eddie Bet-Hazavdi (Ministry of National Infrastructure & Water) – Smart Cities, the Israeli Approach

Dr. Sobhi Basheer – Bringing 2nd Generation Biodiesel To Fuel The World

John Ballato (Clemson University) – Transforming the US Electric Grid

Prof. Erel Avineri (AFEKA Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering) – Open Innovation and the Urban Infrastructure of the Smart City


International Conference 2012:

Haim Fried, Aora Solar – The Spain and Portugal Projects

Stuart Wenham, Strategic Outlook for Photovoltaics

Roman Adinberg, The Potential of Solar Thermal to Substantially Replace Fossil Fuels for Electricity Generation in Israel

Mordechai (Modi) Reshef, Methanol, as a Low Cost Alternative Fuel for Emission Reduction in Gas Turbines

Gaston Kroub, Building Intellectual Property Awareness Into Renewable Energy Business Strategy

Eyal Rosner, Overview of the Alternative Fuels Administration – Reducing Oil Dependancy – Vision and Goals

Eugene Kandel, Announcing the Israeli Government Grid Parity Policy

Eran Mahrer, Retail-grid Parity in North America, Implications and Transformations

Eli Mandelberg, Utility Scale Solar Thermal Solutions

David Faiman, From Megawatts to Gigawatts – Here is How

Dani Schaumann, Italian Experience Towards Smart Cities

Chen Shalita, Solar Decathlon China 2013 Competition- Team Israel

Avi Feldman, Promoting Innovation and Implementation

Avi Brenmiller, Why is Hybridization Such a Strong Driving Force for the Solar Renewable Market

Avi Brenmiller, Why is Hybridization Such a Strong Driving Force for the Solar Renewable Market

Arthur Haubenstock, California’s Ambitious Renewables Portfolo Standard Is Reaching Initial Targets, But Will it Succeed

Andreas Gast, Grid Integration Features of PV Inverters and Utility Scale PV Solutions for Desert Conditions

Alon Kuperman, Onboard Energy Storage System

Abraham Gross, Israel OCS Activity in the Clean-tech Sectors